Surprising Career Idea

I am a very simple person, and I like simple things. I have never worn make-up a day in my life. I do not like putting anything on my face. I am one of those people, who think most women look much prettier without make-up that they do with make-up.

The first time I ever wore make-up was at my sister’s wedding. I was not too happy about the idea of having to wear make-up, but I did it for her. Believe it or not, me the person who had never worn make-up before end up helping everyone else with their make-up.

Everyone was busy helping out with the wedding. All of the bridesmaids like they way I did my make-up and asked, me, to do theirs. Being the person that I am, I did it. They all thought; I did such a great job with their make-up that I should think about becoming a wedding makeup artist Manchester.